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Все остатки души, выйдя из Звездной пыли, становятся маяками, забытыми жилищами...©
Osten - 02/06/08

Monterrey 23/5, Mexico city 25/5.

We left for Monterrey with the rumor of hot weather ringing in our ears.
'Hot' turned out to be an understatement in my opinion. +37-40 degrees celsius is not temperatures the north-europeans in this band are used to. We played at the Rock Machina festival in Valencia in 35 C a few years back, but that was a 45 minute show.

However, i think we pulled the Monterrey-show off. It was warm of course, and the electricity shut down during Beyond the veil, so we had to start it all over again.
Both Mary and myself got electrical shocks from our microphones on a couple of occasions, Ole's wireless transmitter fell out at one point - so he had to use a cable for the rest of the show.

Despite all of these technical issues, it was a good night for us, and i think for our audience as well. Well, at least the ones i talked to after the show were happy. I had my longest conversation in spanish ever, without understanding a word of it.
Greetings and thank you to yet another great audience.

24/5 was a travelday, but we had a signing session in Mexico city.

Mexico is the one country in South America we have visited most often. This was our fourth time since 2000. We have played more shows there than we have in Norway. The most obvious reason for this is the quality of our mexican fans. They seem to like Tristania, and we shurely appreciate them. The last show on a tour is always emotional, and Mexico city 25th of May was no exeption. It was not my best night, I had been struggling with a cold, and I had some problems reaching the high notes. Especially on 'sacrilege'. The audience blew our minds once again. And their energy made the concert another good one.

I think Ole has done a great tour, it seems like he is born to be on stage, and he is a great guy and a steady bassplayer. Tarald has also been working the drums - tight and hard as we expected. Mariangelas first real tour with the band has been convincing, and I am absolutely certain that she will continue impressing us all.

Thank you, Max and Jonathan for once again doing good sound and great work on the guitars.
Thank you Carlo for being who you are. Belgium rules.
Thank you AC - for being our best tour manager ever. Easy going, clever, polite, funny and always seeking the best solutions.
Thank You Bee for putting the words online.

Most of all, We would like to thank all the fans that showed up at concerts, hotels and airports in Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Mexico. You are better fans than anybody could wish for. You are the best. We hope to see you again soon.

Love, Tristania.

последняя запись в туровом блоге. и до 12 июля группа уходит на заслуженный отдых.

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Все остатки души, выйдя из Звездной пыли, становятся маяками, забытыми жилищами...©
Osten - 27/05/08


Terribly sorry for the late update, I kind of warned you that it would might take some time before we were able to fill you in on how things were going. There has been a lot of travelling, airports, bad internet-connections, beers, rum, and laughs.

The one impression that sticks to my mind, though is how incredibly fantastic it has been to be able to play our music to 3 wonderful Chilean crowds. We may have had bigger audiences on other occasions - but to us the songs we play live is an intimate and exclusive passion shared between the band and our fans. We have given 100% every show-night, the response we have had has been amazing.

These greetings goes to those of you who attended our shows in Valpariso,Santiago and Concepcion: Thank you so much for making these concerts so special, we will never forget you. Viva Chile! I would also like to thank Hector who has done the sound on the five first shows,Tony - the guitartech, and Gustavo who was the local promoter in Chile.
Hope to see you again soon.

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Все остатки души, выйдя из Звездной пыли, становятся маяками, забытыми жилищами...©
Osten 19/05/08)

To our Brazilian fans.
I sometimes wish I had Brazilian blood running through my veins, or at least a few drops.There is such energy and dedication present each time we play concerts in this country. It feels like being lifted and held up by invisble hands. Thank you.
The venue in Curitiba was perfect - great stage and perfect sound. We all felt that our set worked well.
The show in Sao Paulo was also good, though the setting was different. It was a festival ( AVR festival) consisting of mainly trash/punk/hardcore bands - leaving us as the only melodic alternative.
We played the same songs as on WGT - fifty minutes.
Right now we are in Santiago - Chile, where we are supposed to play 3 concerts in 3 days.
We are all rested and ready. We also look forward to see some of the Chilean countryside, as we are travelling by bus.
It might take some time before we are able to update you, as the next few days will be really busy. But as soon as we are able, we will.
Once again - obrigado Brazil - we hope to be back soon.

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Все остатки души, выйдя из Звездной пыли, становятся маяками, забытыми жилищами...©
Osten 16/05/08

Gracias, Buenos Aires!

We have finally started the musical part of our tour here in South America, and our first show in Buenos Aires was one of our best ever. The crowd definatly knew how to have a good time at a concert. This kind of shows is what it is all about, it makes the travelling and the hard work worth the effort. We did 'Sacrilege' live for the first time ever - one of the most challenging live songs we have played.
It is nice to notice the the new songs work well live, (the old ones too, of course) and that the audience Wednesday night seemed to enjoy listening to them as much as we did playing them.
It is also a pleasure to play a long set as a headlining band, to give our fans the full treatment.
Thank you again, wonderful people of Buenos Aires. We really hope we can come back soon.

Setlist: Libre, Sacrilege, Circus, The Ravens, Angina, World of Glass, Shadowman, Lotus, Down, Tender trip on earth, Mercyside, Beyond the Veil, The Shining Path .. The Wretched, Angellore.

After the show, we were invited to a Whitesnake aftershow party (they were playing that night as well), and most of us went.

Yesterday was a travelday, and now we are back in Curitiba, Brazil. We did a show with Kreator here a few years back. Can't wait to play for our Brazilian fans again! Brazilians like their metal.
Now We have to leave for soundcheck.
We'll be back with more updates as soon as we are able to.
Take care.

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Tristania. Tour Diary 2008

Все остатки души, выйдя из Звездной пыли, становятся маяками, забытыми жилищами...©
Osten - 14/05/08

Hi again, everybody.

After several long flights: Leipzig-Frankfurt, Frankfurt-Mexico city, Mexico city-Sao-Paulo, Sao Paulo-Buenos Aires, we are finally able to write you some words. At the moment, we are preparing for our first ever show in Argentina. Needless to say, we are all exited about the show tonight. I love the city and wish we had more time to explore it, but that is one of the sides of being on tour that there is nothing to do about as we are off again tomorrow morning. Soundcheck is in 90 minutes, and tonight there will be an impressive 5(!) local support bands. Most likely, we will not get to see much of their shows, as our own scheduel is quite tight. But I can mention their names: Eva, Angel Tears, Luzabril, Enchained souls and Bloodparade.

We met our tourmanager AC in Mexico city - he also tourmanaged the tour we did with Kreator 3 years ago. He was just finishing a long Latin American tour with Helloween. And a few of us went to see the last part of their concert. Some of us met them after the show, and they turned out to be brilliant guys.

Anyway, now we have to leave for soundcheck. Thank you for your time, and as soon as we can, we will be back with our experiences from tonight's show.

All the best for you.

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